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My God, make me a light on the path I am taking, even if I stumble and fall, even if at times I get mad, even if it’s difficult to be silent in my enemy’s presence, even so… make me a light.

Teach me to walk straight and fight the evil one when he comes to me with temptations in order to make me fall.I want to fight and defeat sin-so that he (the evil one) won’t point the finger at me and You’d get sad because of my fall. But if I fall, if I’m injured in my fall, I want to come to you in a great rush and repent of my sin.

 For Yours is the kindness and forgiveness .

Teach me to not get angry on my neighbor, to not yell, to not get angry- even if he is in the wrong. Because getting angry burdens the heart and makes the soul bitter. Give light to my eyes and strength to battle against the malice in my heart. But if I got angry, if I fell and hurt myself, I come to you in a rush to wash my clothes in Your blood- because Your blood was shed for me and Your body was broken for me.

Teach me Oh Lord, to be quiet in my enemy’s presence.  Even if he shouts and even if his anger will pour over me-even if he looks at me from above thinking that he is more important – give me the strength to love and forgive.

Help me to stand up on my feet and know that You are the One who holds me. Help me  look at me and see You- and to know that You give me credit and that nobody stands unless you empower them to do so.

Help me understand that nothing can separate me from Your love: not people, nor circumstances, not joy, nor suffering or tribulations.  And the light You’ve put in Your child- may it shine over the ones in darkness, over the ones in pain, the arrogant ones, the fallen ones- the ones that do not have and do not know You.

And if Your light shines over them, give them eyes to see who You are and strength so that in any  circumstance they may be- they can recognize You and humbly say: “My God, I have missed you!” Amen



Oh God, I don't love You, I don't even want to love You, but I want to want to love You! Theresa of Avila

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