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Happiness. Now, that’s a word that is carved deep down into everyone’s conscious or unconscious mind. All human beings on this Planet will agree with me that NO ONE ever wanted anything less from life but to be happy.
For some, happy would mean just to have a roof over their heads, for others that aspire to more, might mean wealth or love or whatever. Or at least is what they think. And maybe it is, for a while.

We want to be happy. We want to be acknowledged, to be appreciated, to be loved, to have anything we can think of, we want a beautiful life and with very little effort from our part.
The reality is that we were not made to live happily ever after.Not in this life anyway.If we think of Christ who was the One person that had all the means to be happy, and who also deserved it, because He was (still is) God.He came in this world for our sake and lived a short life on Earth, was despised, was considered a nobody –even if He literally was everything from the very beginning, the very founder of Creation- didn’t have a place of His own, wasn’t recognized as what He really was, God. In the eyes of the high priests he was like scum, even more so, they said on one occasion (that we know of) that He worked the miracles with the power of the devil. Clearly He came on Earth not to be happy or recognized, but to make Himself known as the One who”by His death, broke the power of him who had the power of death-that is the devil- and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death” (Hebrews2.14,15).
He [Christ] lived to die and dies so that we can live. Not live to be happy (on what we understand of being happy) but live to grow in faith, to help others to believe in Him to be saved from death, to keep our faith in Him strong.

Happiness… It’s like being on a journey. It’s like stopping to an inn to have  a rest, eat, drink, and get our strength back. Those times of “respiro” (as a friend of mine calls them), those times, are all the happy we will ever get on this Earth.

Don’t go around crying, moping, wallowing and saying to God:  “Oh, why can’t I just be happy for once! “Don’t compare your life to the ones that don’t know God.They get their share of happiness here and now. Yes, it’s God’s business to decide about them, so I won’t say they are doomed. For as long as they live, God can still reach out and save them –if this is what He likes. But you, you and I, who belong to God, who have been bought with a price ,we are not born again to be happy. Forget about the time when all troubles will end and you will get to live a fairytale because you will only be happy when you are HOME. Your journey on Earth is your journey  to get HOME! No matter where you go, no matter where you live (be it India, or America, or United Kingdom, or the Solomon Islands)no matter how rich you are nor how poor you are, you will never be happy.

Sure, there will be moments of happiness, short ones, for the sole purpose of getting your strength back and for acknowledging that He can fulfill your heart’s desire . But when you will understand that happiness is a journey and obedience is the means to travel stress-free [because only then you can really understand how great is God and how perfect are His ways in all that He does for you] only then you will understand that in your troubles you are never forsaken, but immensely loved .
So, stop waiting to be happy . You are His beloved son / daughter and you will live moments of trouble, hardship, toil, difficulty, sickness, turmoil, disappointment, because He wants you to grow up, not be a spectator. He wants you to keep walking no matter what. He wants you to keep your faith strong and steadfast by obedience to His word, by fasting and praying and utterly trusting in Him .When Abraham still lived in his father’s house, when he was still worshipping other gods, when he did not know a thing about the Most High, God revealed Himself and asked him to do something. “Go out of your country and your father’s house into the land I will show you!”Abraham had no reason to be obedient to a foreign God, he had no reason to say “Ok”, but he did. And this, God, saw it as righteousness.Be right by Him, be obedient to His ways and He will give you happiness at the right time and in the right place!



Oh God, I don't love You, I don't even want to love You, but I want to want to love You! Theresa of Avila

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  1. Hello Robstroud, you welcome. I am happy to have provided that for you. Also, I am blessed to have found your blog.We share a common ”passion” :-)

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