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An unexpected visit at The Kilns

The Kilns, which may also be known as C. S. Lewis House, is the house on the outskirts of Headington Quarry (where Lewis is buried at Holy Trinity Church) in the village of Risinghurst, Oxford, England, where the author C. S. Lewis wrote all of his famous Narnia books and other classics.[1] The house itself was featured in the Narnia books.[2] Lewis’s gardener at The Kilns, Fred Paxford, is said to have inspired the character of Puddleglum the Marshwiggle in The Silver Chair.[3]

The Kilns was built in 1922 on the site of a former brickworks.[1] The lake in the garden is a flooded clay pit. In 1930, The Kilns was bought by C. S. Lewis, his brother Warnie Lewis, and Mrs Janie Moore. Maureen Dunbar, Janie Moore’s daughter, also lived there. C. S. Lewis wrote of the house: “I never hoped for the like”. Mrs Moore was the mother of Lewis’s university friend Paddy Moore, who had been killed in World War I.

The house is located in what is now called Lewis Close, south of Kiln Lane.

The Kilns is currently owned and operated by the C.S. Lewis Foundation, who runs it as the Study Centre at the Kilns. (source: Wikipedia)


Today I arrived in Oxford for the VTBS at St. Anne’s College. Since the inaugural lecture will be given only tomorrow afternoon, I used the day to visit The Kilns with my sister, my brother-in-law and my friend Cristian Ispir. Baby Rafi, my little niece, had the great honor of accompanying us and the great privilege of visiting C.S. Lewis’s home before reading any of his books or seeing any of the Narnia films. Not because she would not like, but because, being only 10 months, she can’t yet apply herself to these highly demanding intellectual pursuits.

At the moment when I am writing this post I don’t really have much time and energy to describe in details my impressions. Oxford is so peaceful (because most of the students are gone) and I count it such great joy to be here for the next two weeks.

I did not expect…

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