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New Years Resolutions… Mission Aborted

Everybody knows how it’s like to welcome a New Year. When all the fun is packed, when the wrapping paper goes in the bin, when the Christmas presents are history, when the fireworks are just a great picture on your camera and the money is gone, all that is left (in most of the cases) is a big disappointment.
The feeling that there was supposed to be more to it and instead of lowering your expectations, you blame yourself.
It’s time to make some changes in your life so you start a list of new decisions:

I promise to stop eating chocolate.
I decided to spend less money and/or time on computer games.
I will force myself to loose weight.
I will finish reading the whole Bible this year.
I must stop drinking and partying.
It’s time to look for a proper job.
I am going to pray more and constantly fast
I will pass my drivers licence this year.
I will go to church more often.

It’s also very familiar to mostly everyone, that new years resolutions are something you stop considering a top priority after a while. At least in your 20’es (and early 30’es ).
So, instead of promising to yourself, or to God, or to other people in your life that you will change and by the time that it’s Valentine’s day you forget all about it, maybe it’s best not to decide on what changes you want to make.
Abort mission.
And allow time to make those changes in you that will eventually , at some point, become a routine, or a top priority.
I believe this is what some might call it becoming an adult. Or being mature.

When you are mature, you will start doing the things that really matter in your life and those insignificant changes that only concern you will be forgotten forever.

To me, 2012 is the second year in a cycle of many years when I decided not to decide new resolutions for the year to come.

Happy 2012 everyone! Have a good one! :-)



Oh God, I don't love You, I don't even want to love You, but I want to want to love You! Theresa of Avila

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