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Anna likes to :P

Rules: Google Game: Go to Google and type in quotation marks your name and then “likes to” (eg. “Jez likes to”). Type in the first ten things that come up .

1.”Anna likes to watch balls. Number one hit. Hm. I don’t. Unless they are those nice coloured bouncy ones from that pretty advert.” I actually don’t. I dislike watching any type of sport. Oh, i’m lying, i do like a sport. It’s called sleeping :-) No, i mean ice hockey. I like watching ice hockey.
2.”Anna is a tennis nut. It is said that she enjoys a few brisk sets each and every morning.” Again sports. No, i’m not a tennis nut
3.”.Anna likes to tell that at this point her mother ordered her out of the apartment and she began life on her own at the age of fifteen …” That was never the case. I left, willingly. But i was a bit older .
4.”Anna likes to think that her visual impairment has given her the opportunity to create visual art from a unique perspective.” No visual imparment, fortunately
5.”Anna likes to play dumb” Hey… i do that! sometimes :P
6.”Anna likes to work only for passive and big women who let her take care of everything, otherwise she prefers to work for men.” This is a good one . :) Although, i always worked for women. And preety ones, too .
7.”Anna Likes to Run.” Nope, not really.
8.”Wentworth is glad Ana likes him, and he thanked her for the compliment.” Who is… called Wentworth nowadays?
9.”Anna Likes to ROCK with Daddy! And get into trouble…” I don’t have a ‘Daddy’. And i don’t like getting into trouble, either. Trouble is dangerous and addictive, once you’re in, you can’t turn back from it.
10. “Anna Likes Flowers, cookies Hates: Spa-boiled eggs.” The right order would be… Anna Likes flowers, spas, boiled eggs. Cookies are ussually that good that i need to hate them, so i won’t eat them. So, i hate cookies. ;)



Oh God, I don't love You, I don't even want to love You, but I want to want to love You! Theresa of Avila

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