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I've got a talant. What should i do with it?

I’ve come across this words sometime between 11 and 12 this morning. Someone quoted it, defenetly somebody said it (I dont know who) but i really liked it.
“A Missionary is not somebody who crosses the sea, but somebody who sees the Cross! “
And then the quoter, kept on talking about the parable of the talants which we find written in Mathew 25, 14 onwards.
There was this guy, who decided to entrust with his money some servants of the house. In those times, it looed like people used to do that. It would have been an honour to be entrusted with something as good and as important as this. So the big guy gives away his money to these three servants. One gets 5 talants, other gets only a couple and the third one is being given one talant. “There you are.Make a good use of it”

Time goes by and the rich man comes back from whichever country he decided to go to. And he wants his money back so starts off with the one who had the most money in his care. He is satisfied with what the servant did . Next servant did a good job too. third one , however, well,we all know what the third one said and did. It was obvious that he didnt think too much of his master.

What i actually find interesting, the quoter said… it is not about how much you do. It is not because you can do more than others, it is not because you have more talants that your brother, it is not about how much you are helping, comparing yourself to others. It is all about returning, giving back to God-the glory and the worship. He dint care that one servant gave him two talants and another five. It is not the quantity.

Have you got a gift from Him? The scripture says you do.At least one. Dont keep it hidden or burried in the ground of unbelief. If you are afraid that you dont know what to do, ask God to give you the strength and wisdom that you need to know what to do.

It is not about going to China to preach the Gospel. God dint ask you to do that. He is asking you to see the Cross and to allow Him to do great works in you. He called me to use what he has given me for the good of others.
So, focus on what you have and give God the glory that He deserves.



Oh God, I don't love You, I don't even want to love You, but I want to want to love You! Theresa of Avila

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