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Introductory Lesson

A few things about me:

1. Try not to annoy me too much. I have a limit and you should not cross the borders.

2. I trade mostly anything except for my heart.

3.If i said NO don’t ask me again. That’s what my dad taught me :)

4.I smile all the time, so you’ll never know when i’m blue.

5.There is one thing I love most in this world. The Sun…it shines upon us everyday, no matter how bad and ugly we get !
(err… ugly as in ‘ugly bahaviour’ )

6.I listen to music al least 2 hours a day… it makes my heart sing and my soul be glad.

7.I watch any type of films except for: horrors and, obviously, porn, but i enjoy more dramas and comic-adventures.

8.My favourite place to live is home.

9.I love all people and i believe that there are not coincidences. We are… i am in the perfect place,at the perfect time, meeting the perfect people.

10.I have made mistakes so i try not to judge other people’s faults.

11.Deep down… i’m still craving to be a child and stay like that.

Re: belonging to someone close to my heart :)

1. buzz ding!! ding!!
2. let it stay there, it’s the most valuable thing of yours :)
3. did I ever ask for pics with you? :P
4. so one shall stay alert all the times, to catch you if you pass out
5. and then why the hell did you move to that stupid rainy country?
6. don’t worry, you’re just a beginner
7. you need your taste to be re-shaped? :D
8. come back!
9. try making up an excuse after you’ve been late 2 hours at work :P After all, God doesn’t always have a plan for us .. He lets us wander around :)
10. But do so, once in a while!
11. We all do :)



Oh God, I don't love You, I don't even want to love You, but I want to want to love You! Theresa of Avila

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