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Thoughts for the day…

I’ve started a new job this week.

Its only a part time job, but it suits me perfectly. I deal everyday with young phisical disorders, dementia [a.k.a. Alzheimer] and old age. So i realised this week how short life is and how likely it is for me to end up like that. No, im not freaking out… but it is sad to see soo many people suffering.

And to make it more visual, i would like to write about Ron. He’s no more than 50, surely, and he’s stuck on a wheelchair.Yet, he was the first person from there who met me with a smile and his thumb up [his way of saying ”ur ok” ].He’s got a scruffy beard and very warm eyes. He doesnt talk, though i was told that there is only one word he is capable of spelling it out for us, that being the F word :angel_not: . So people got used to understand from his mimics and moaning what he wants. He is cheeky and he likes to pretend that he ignores people , but in fact, he is a cheeky little monkey :crazy:

I just cant explain how it feels to be around him, especially if we look at the facts behind his acting. He had a stroke and thus, half of his body, paraplegic. Then he was diagnosed with diabetis mellitus and things went so bad for him, he got so many complications with his paraplegic side, that they had to amputate the leg.His family lives quite far and i think that they dont often come to visit… He’s got a brother and a sister. He is a large man but also a strong one too. He wakes up every morning and puts a smile on his face. He makes people laugh and he survived so far from the uglyness that disease can bring in someone’s mind and spirit. Of course, he must have bad days, we all do, but… i dont know if i could face something similar and smile. Life is a bitch, someone said… and still, i am healthy, i can walk, i can talk and sometimes i act like it is the end of the world . I should be more gratefull, much happier… and so should you.



Oh God, I don't love You, I don't even want to love You, but I want to want to love You! Theresa of Avila

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