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A toast… to make you smile :)

A toast, to the One (the only one)…

The One who is Good

The One who condescended
The One whose life, whose blood, would be enough
The One who gave… for us
The One who rose, conquering, as one of us
The One who takes us with him
The One who is marvelled at; the Hero
The One who yet intercedes, perceiving a work finished (and yet still in progress)
The One who will always be
The One who Wins.
Let me know if it made you smile :)



Oh God, I don't love You, I don't even want to love You, but I want to want to love You! Theresa of Avila

2 thoughts on “A toast… to make you smile :)

  1. Yes…you made my smile came alive…altough i’m smileing inside me:D harder on the outside.sorry for bad the bad english.i’ve combined your romanian writing with english when reading your posts… :lol: just interesting to see that you have plenty of imagination…and i noticed the truth behind the writing.a good evening :)

  2. Your English is fine. No need to apologize for that. :-)

    And this little text isn’t written by me, i have it from a dear friend. So the imagination is his :lol:

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